Ostrich Pt. I: An Opportunity For Innovation

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Ostrich Pt. I: An Opportunity For Innovation

Posted on August 11th 2010

When Apple released Safari 5 with extensions, I was psyched. Since I’ve been reading daily about technologies in a multitude of domains, it’s as if new technology announcements made an extra connection in my mind. I could see how Safari Extensions could be way more than what had been done with them. I knew there was a system which could be built to support much more complex extensions (which at that point I’d call “apps”).

To me, that’s an opportunity. A brand new market, an unexploited niche in which I saw more than the small utilities it promised. This untapped platform had something I dearly liked: HTML/CSS and Javascript. Oh and it wasn’t the CSS we know from Internet Explorer, it was top of the line CSS3 from Webkit. Imagine being brought upon you a free platform on which you can create “apps” in languages you already master (or almost), using the best and latest technologies.

For months I had been talking with my dear friend Scott about new technologies, what they meant and how they could be assembled to create something way better than the sum of its parts. Innovation? I think so.

Up to now, there’s yet to be anything quite like Ostrich in the Safari Extensions field. Is this a rant? Yes. I’m ecstatic of having shipped the product while the opportunity was still there and while I could still call it “innovation”. It’s not perfect, but it works. Enough to compel over 8000 users to try it.

Ostrich has been my life for the past month and it’s been a hell of a ride. The story is a long one and I’m writing it in separate posts. In the next few ones I’ll be talking about the technology behind Ostrich, the community and how I managed it, its success, etc.

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